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Autonomous tram without overhead line

Nova Cablecar

Overhead lines spoil the cityscape and are prone to disruption. Nova works without overhead lines: Batteries supply electricity and are charged at terminal stations. Solar panels on the roof support the system. Thanks to the panorama glass that can be lowered all around, Nova becomes a wind-cooled convertible on hot summer days – making tram travel an experience. Open trams have a long tradition in Basel. The summer car or the viewing trailer, affectionately known as «Badwännli» from 1938 is legendary.

Nova consists of shuttles instead of one tram with several carriages. This makes the trams more efficient and mobile. The shuttles are monitored via a control centre and with the help of AI, their intervals are adapted to passenger volume. At off-peak times and at night, shuttles can be requested via an app. LED screens and a special LED liquid crystal coating allow the tram to be labelled on all sides.