About me

Agency for Industrial design, Basel (Switzerland)

The term “design” is commonly associated only with external appearance. However, designers also have a responsibility to help shape and improve the future of our society. As an Industrial designer, I have the task of designing products not only according to aesthetic or ergonomic aspects, but also to introduce consumers to relevant conceptual solutions regarding sustainability and ethics. Especially when developing consumer goods for our saturated, fast-moving market, we have to focus on compatible production processes and sensible material resources when designing products and define a product philosophy that embodies relevant values. By the “philosophy of a product” I mean the deeper meaning and added value it offers to the individual or to society as a whole. A product without a clear purpose is merely a “follower” on the market. I want to create relevance.

Do you have a project in the field of industrial design / product design?

Call me and arrange a non-binding meeting at your premises or in my studio for Industrial design in Binningen/Basel (Switzerland).

Thanks to the Institute Industrial design of the FHNW, Basel / Switzerland.

The Institute for Industrial design in Basel, led by Werner Baumhakl, is one of the most successful educational institutions in the field of higher education for design and art. Not only in Switzerland, but probably in the whole of Europe, I consider myself fortunate to have been able to complete my Master of Arts in Industrial design at this renowned University of Applied Sciences. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my lecturers, mentors – Nicole Schneider, Alfredo Häberli, Prof. Werner Baumhakl, Prof. Dr. Ralf Trachte and Dr. Meret Ernst – as well as the tutors (and all the other “good spirits”) from the Institute of Industrial design in Basel for their dedicated support during my studies to become an industrial designer. It was a great time… merci vilmol!

Now I am looking forward to the next stage of my career as an independent product designer with my own studio for Industrial design.