• Interior

Modular pavilion for the Jura Park


The pavilion has a modular structure so that it can be flexibly adapted to the various locations and functions in the Jura Park. All the components are from the region and are manufactured in the Jura Park. The lightweight roof is constructed on the floor plan of the inserted wall elements and, after installation, filled with gravel. The wall elements consist of few components and can be flexibly adapted. The support per wall element is a steel tube that is concreted into the ground. The wooden slats are fixed with metal pins and are replaceable.

Local wood (e.g. oak, beech) provides the raw material for the wooden slats. The JuraPavilion offers weather protection and is characterized by a special light/ shade situation. Due to the lamella and the curved wall elements, the boundaries between inside and outside are blurred and the pavilion seems light.